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Care to follow up on some of our guests? Here ya go...

Jan 06


  • Graham Griffith, Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow, official KCBS judge and senior producer for NPR's and WBUR's On Point regaled us with tales from public radio and deputized us all as BBQ judges.

  • Diane Hurwitz of Clowder House told us what it's like running a retirement home for cats in St. Louis.

  • We were blessed with the musical stylings of our good friends and guest musicians City Folk.

July 05


  • Dr. Thomas Duckworth of the IAALM discussed bringing acupuncture to the people, y'all, with the new South City Clinic.

  • Plus, Shut up & Drive stepped in as special musical guest.  

June 05


  • Patron Saint of University City, Joe Edwards, was kind enough to let us in on what's new in the Loop.

  • Build St. Louis' Michael Levinson reminded us of the importance of buying local.

  • We held the first ever Free Candy spelling bee. Riveting!

May 05


  • Dave Scheu told us what it was like rooming with actor Peter Sarsgaard in college.

  • Youngster Jerome Wilson convinced us all he wanted to be a star!

  • Comedienne Amy Fenster shared yucks about savaging celebs as one of US Weekly's Fashion Police.

April 05


  • Matt Brinkmann wowed us with his amazing tuba (or was that a sousaphone?) and promised us a copy of his top 10 list. Where is it, Matt? Eh?

  • Julie Scheu furniture designer extraordinaire talked to us about the super-cool Pogo Home line she creates for her company, Urban Workshop

Mar 05


Feb 05


  • Christopher Granger, local fiber & paper artist, impressed us by wearing a shiny shirt. It really doesn't take much.

  • Shannon McGinn, co-owner of Hartford Coffee, regaled us with amusing tales (as always) and talked about her coffee & community philosophy

  • Caroline of Maplehood Rekkids joined us to talk about starting your own record label.

  • Guest musician - Shut Up and Drive

  • Crazy craft segment - The Blind Date Escape Kit

Jan 05


  • Stefani Pine of Zip It Events introduced us to "silent" dating

  • Tom Weber of KWMU talked about being one of St. Louis Magazine's "top singles"

  • Kate Eddens of Marked Man and Sugarfreak Productions wowed us with her vocal stylings

Dec 04


  • Thomas Crone, local scribe and author of "Gaslight Square: An Oral History"

  • St. Louis jazz legend Jeanne Trevor

  • Booke Kennison, the amazine 14-year-old juggling contortionist

Nov 04


  • Artist, musician, RFT cover girl & honorary Sugar Daddy Jenna Bauer

  • Hooch & Daddy-O's director, Donna Northcott

  • Our special feature on moving to Canada, including Mark K - an actual Canadian!

Sept 04


  • St. Louis broadcasting favorite, KMOX's John Carney

  • Colleen Heine of The Folk School

  • Documentarians Bill Boll and Shellee Graham discuss Built for Speed: The Coral Courts Motel

Aug  04


July  04


June  04


  • Joe Bonwich dishes on dishes on

  • Stephanie Farrar hosts Passion Parties (warning: explicit material unsuitable for children and most immature adults)

May  04


Apr  04


Mar 04


Feb 04


  • Former St. Louis Mayor Vince Schoehmehl

  • Local artist Shannon Maddie Earnest

  • Ellen McCallie of Rough Science