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Sunday, June  25

Hartford Coffee Co.
3974 Hartford, 63116
(314) 771-JAVA

90% funny.
100% free.

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The questions you've been dying to ask about Free Candy

  What the heck is Free Candy, anyway?
  It's St. Louis' favorite non-broadcast, live, unscripted talk show focusing on local interest issues, hipsters and happenings.
  So, uh, where's it broadcast?
  When we say non-broadcast, that's what we mean. You won't find Free Candy on TV, even on the lamest of late-night local access channels. You won't find it on the radio. If you want to be a part of it, you have to show up.
  Free Candy owes as much to improv and theater as it does to the talk show genre. Traditional broadcasts may provide a common experience, but people are still experiencing it separately. Free Candy aims to bring people together once a month for a (usually hilarious) blink-and-you'll-miss-it experience.

Oh, and because we can.

  How often are the shows?
  Free Candy is held once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month. But always check here in case the dates have changed. We started out at The Commonspace, but are now happy to call Hartford Coffee  Company our home.
  How much does it cost?
  It's FREE. Totally.
  Is there really free candy?
  Of course! We are many, many things. Some of them derogatory, of course. But we are not liars. Our generous Free Candy sponsors provide the candy for each show.
  Is the show family friendly?
  It's not for the wee ones, that's for sure. But if your kids are older, capable of sitting still for an hour and  not going to fall off their seats if the content gets a little shady or we drop a couple of F-bombs, then bring them at your own risk.
  I/ my mom/my best friend am/is incredibly famous/ dazzlingly interesting /strangely deformed/doing good/ doing bad/ available on Sunday nights. Can I/her/they be on your show?
  It's a distinct possibility. We are always looking for fascinating local characters, guests who are doing things that are truly unique or interesting, people with funny stories to tell, causes to promote, craziness to share. Contact us if you're interested.
  I wish I could give you money to help support Free Candy. But how, how, how?
  Oh, you're in luck! We are poor people with many sponsorship levels we would generously like to offer you - in exchange for some "live" ad space, naturally. Contact us for more info.