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Free Candy with
Amanda & Julia
Sunday, April 15

Hartford Coffee Co.
3974 Hartford, 63116
(314) 771-JAVA

90% funny.
100% free.

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On the next Free Candy

Julia Smillie returns from points north to push Tom Weber off that seat he's been warming for her and join steadfast host Amanda Doyle for some guaranteed laughs and fun-filled ento-tainment.

Great guests plus all our regular features: chat, gossip, music, accusations, recriminations and making up. And it's all FREE! Be there early to get your seat.

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Be our guest!
We're always looking for new and groovy guest/segment ideas. Think you've got something people need to know about? Let us know! We seek the unique, the unusual, the entertaining and enlightening - all focused here on our great city, natch. Bear in mind we run only once a month, so if you've a specific event in mind, contact us at least two months in advance for consideration.



Big Small Town
Our thanks go out to recent sponsor, Big Small Town Designs. If you haven't yet checked out this fabulous collection of cool, kooky and often hilarious locally made greeting cards, you better get right on it! Who wouldn't smile to open their mailbox and find a card that reads "Greetings from Chesterfield?" Come on!

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So many faithful fans come to our shows and the one gripe (apart from space at our SRO shows) is the audio level. Free Candy is a barebones operation, my friends, so we work with borrowed uni-directional mic's, the good will of our audience, and the kindness of strangers.

However, if you know someone who would like to purchase/lend/sponsor our getting a hold of some lavalier mic's for Julia & Amanda plus an extra for our guests, we'd be immensely grateful. So grateful, in fact, that we'll plug them shamelessly to our audience of hip, fab locals.

Think about it. Maybe, just maybe, the show's actually even funnier when you can hear us...

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For $25, our Free Candy Sponsor gets credit for that episode's candy; a mention on the fancy scrolling banner at the top of our site for one month; a blurb in the show program; and a chance to stand up at the show and plug whatever it is you've got to plug to our active, involved audience.

For $50, our Honorary Sugar Daddy helps us defray the costs of the show and invest in making it even better each  month. In return, you get a prominent ad on our web site (the space above) for one month and a dashing, fashionable Free Candy t-shirt. Plus, you'll get a chance to stand up and plug yourself to the audience.

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